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CMAC Transportation

The Challenge:

CMAC Transportation is a logistics company that provides domestic and international warehousing, consolidation, transportation and logistics. Since 2001, the veteran-owned and Brownstown, Michigan-based company has built its success by providing cost-saving solutions and superior customer service. It owns and operates over 300,000 square-feet of warehousing along with more than 250 tractors and 450 trailers. It continues to grow and provide employment opportunities throughout all areas of the company.

Before, CMAC conducted data collection by pulling reports from multiple sources (data extracts, SSRS, TMT and others) to attempt to compile an accurate picture of its business. The process was both time-consuming and open to human error. As the company continued to grow, it became clear that CMAC needed a better way to collect data across multiple software platforms.



The Solution:

CMAC Transportation sought a solution that would give the company more insight into its operational performance, from its revenue all the way down to its routing efficiency. In 2016, the company turned to Trimble Transportation’s Reveal BI software solution, which enabled CMAC to collect and analyze data from across multiple software and data management systems. Once CMAC vetted the data, it was something that they could trust as being accurate. The solution creates a dashboard to distribute business insight with real-time details about revenues, costs and operations impacting its profitability. After about an 18-month-long implementation period, the system was fully operational.


The Result:

Right out of the box, Trimble brought together CMAC Transportation’s solutions, which included TMT Fleet Maintenance, TMW.Suite, Microsoft Dynamics GP and Performance Data, into one system. It enabled CMAC Transportation to analyze the data through a new set of eyes and see where further improvements could be made. In terms of asset maintenance, it was able to evaluate its equipment more closely by determining if a part needed to be replaced due to high maintenance cost per mile. Also, CMAC was able to see which routes it could more efficiently utilize its trucks or where a rate adjustment might be needed. This has allowed the company to look deeper into each part of its business to determine where it needed to make adjustments.

“The insight and new data that we are able to analyze with BI products enable us to make better business decisions,” said Max Collins, director of IT for CMAC Transportation. “We are able to overlay data from one system with data from another system to see exactly how one affects the other.”