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Terminal Service Company Uses Web-Based TMT To Eliminate IT Infrastructure

Terminal Service Company 

Terminal Service Company provides a wide range of tanker maintenance and repair services for a large and growing customer base in the Southeast. The company was formerly the maintenance operation of McKenzie Tank Lines. McKenzie was acquired in 2019 by Groendyke Transport, the fourth largest tank truck carrier in the United States. 



The Challenge 

As a standalone business, Terminal Service Company continued to rely on the TMT maintenance management software it had been using in its shop operation for McKenzie Tank Lines since 2011. While the solution was familiar to technicians and managers, the cost of hosting and updating the software in-house became an issue to resolve.

After evaluating other products and concluding that TMT still met its needs very effectively, Terminal Service Company began searching for a more economical means of using TMT in its shop. In addition to eliminating the need to provide an IT infrastructure, a different approach using the same software would also avoid the complications that would be inherent in adopting a new system.

The Solution 

For Terminal Service Company, the ability to continue to rely on TMT was found in the way that the solution is deployed by the operation. In 2020, the company made the decision to switch to the full SaaS offering of TMT Service Center.

By converting to TMT SaaS, familiar capabilities in the software have been replicated to take advantage of the latest web-based technology. For an affordable, monthly subscription price, the TMT Service Center SaaS solution improves performance and accessibility with an intuitive and easy-to-use interface that does not require a capital investment or internal resources.

In the Terminal Service Company shop, technicians use the software at workstations to receive assignments and input comments and notes about services and repairs. Parts inventory specialists enter information for repair orders as well. In addition, through an accounting system integration, the solution provides accurate labor and parts information for invoicing customers and for payroll processing without requiring a third-party service.

The Results 

Higher performance along with customer and employee satisfaction are just a few of the benefits realized from making the change. For Terminal Service Company, the decision to switch to the SaaS version of TMT Service Center was the right choice. Today the software continues to provide the familiar features and capabilities needed to run its operation more efficiently and productively.

The higher performing TMT SaaS version of Service Center was well received by managers, technicians and parts staff at Terminal Service Company because the only change from the on-premise version used previously is the way they log into the system. 

For management purposes, TMT SaaS enables access from anywhere through a single online portal. Software updates are included with TMT Saas. Security is handled by Trimble without requiring any customer intervention.

TMT Service Center SaaS also collects data in real time, to improve the Terminal Service Company shop’s operation. Included are the ability to analyze parts usage and costs for more effective purchasing and inventory management practices, as well as monitoring dwell time and downtime for each service event to improve customer satisfaction.

“We originally chose TMT software because it measurably improved our management efficiency, and it had the features and capabilities our shop needed to operate smoothly and productively. Today, the cloud-hosted version of the software gives us all the same functionality, it’s very familiar, we can access it in our office and shop, updates and security are handled for us, and the price is lower.”