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Grow your business the easy way with Trimble's innovative solutions for every link in the supply chain.

  • Transportation Management

    A Better Way to Manage Your Fleet

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    Accelerate Your Drivers’ Efficiency and Connectivity

    Trimble's suite of mobility products will give you real-time information regarding vehicle location and allow you to easily communicate with drivers and help them stay productive on the road.

    Maximize Your Fleet Operations

    With Trimble's comprehensive TMS platforms, you can optimize dispatch operations, tackle complicated accounting tasks and otherwise make sure your fleet succeeds.

    Keep Your Trucks Where They Belong: On the Road

    Using Trimble's maintenance tools, you can streamline operations for your shop, which will keep your trucks running for longer and earning more.

  • Maintenance

    Simplify Fleet Maintenance

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    Maximize Vehicle Uptime With Connected Tools

    Connect your trucks to the shop to receive location and fault codes data you can use to better plan repairs.

    Prioritize Preventative Maintenance to Work Smarter

    View real-time meter information and DVIRs for each truck in your fleet. Then schedule PM at the right times and keep vehicles on the road.

    Boost Shop Efficiency

    Turn your service center into a true profit center with easy-to-use invoicing, contract management, and payment processing tools.

  • Tracking & Visibility

    Gain Visibility Into Your Transportation Business

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    Optimize Your Routes

    Make it easy for your drivers to avoid common road hazards like low overhangs with navigation tools built specifically for truckers.

    Track Key Truck Information

    Know where your trucks are, how long your drivers have driven and more through in-cab gateways built for the rigors of trucking.

    Unite the Supply Chain

    Unify the entire supply chain, from carriers to brokers to shippers, by giving them all access to important load data simultaneously.

  • Routing & Optimization

    Every Mile Matters

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    Powerful Navigation

    Help your drivers get where they're going with CoPilot, an in-cab navigation app that accounts for tolls, traffic, road restrictions and more.

    Better Data = Savings

    Trimble Dispatch Advisor provides real-time information and updates while Expert Fuel indicates where to purchase fuel for savings above and beyond typical fuel discounts.

    Streamlined Operations

    Improve your transportation business with routing and optimization tools that streamline operations for carriers, shippers, and intermediaries.

  • Safety & Compliance

    The Easy Way to Manage Safety and Compliance

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    Defend Against Litigation

    Avoid costly litigation with access to objective video recordings that can tell the whole story of an incident on the road and potentially protect you from litigation costs.

    Enhance Driver Training

    Utilize objective video footage and robust safety analytics to help you get a perspective of your drivers on the road, helping to enhance driver coaching opportunities and improve behavior behind the wheel.

    Improve Fleet Safety

    Trimble offers a variety of safety related products including video recording and a robust ELD platform that can be used to ensure compliance and maximize the safety of your drivers.

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Transportation Management

Manage the entire supply chain, from load planning to bills of lading (BOLs), via industry-leading TMS solutions from Trimble.

Asset Maintenance

Boost company profits with maintenance tools that streamline shop operations to enhance inventory management and equipment uptime.

Routing & Optimization

Help your drivers get where they're going via in-cab navigation and route optimization tools built specifically for fleets like yours.

Tracking & Visibility

Always know where your loads are and when they'll arrive at their destinations via intuitive and visual tracking apps.

Safety & Compliance

Keep your drivers safe and compliant on the road with Trimble's cutting-edge solutions such as our eDriver Logs® ELD platform and Video Intelligence.

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