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Small Carrier Captures Visibility, Cost Savings With Innovative Access

Headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia, OneWay Xpress operates a small fleet of refrigerated trucks transporting fresh produce both ways between the Southeast United States and the West Coast. Founded in 2007, the 15-year-old company has grown 200% in the number of power units it owns to carry its consumable freight.


The Challenges

The company needed a hand to move time-sensitive freight efficiently, save costs and assist its drivers in performing short-to-long hauls, dedicated lanes, expedited and specialized services. The goal was to track the ins and outs of the fleet–everything from order entry to settlements–with a special focus on expenses.

To address the challenges, OneWay Xpress Owner William Perry wanted to ensure he had the right TMS in place. He identified a platform that would allow him to see all the moving pieces of his business at once.

Having worked with Trimble before, he already knew what he liked and reached out to secure a new SaaS TMS for his smaller fleet.

The Solution

OneWay Xpress chose Innovative Access as their end-to-end solution TMS. The popular Software-as-a-Service version provides the performance, security and speed of a modern TMS and gives the ability for the OneWay Xpress management team to view all aspects of the business and make wise decisions.

The Results

Perry said he has found Innovative Access from Trimble Transportation to be convenient and a more productive way to run his business.

It is fully compatible with the company’s e-log system. The integration was an immediate benefit to the company’s drivers who were looking for efficient ways to accept new loads, ask for advances, send information back to the system and more.

Seeing everything in front of him and making changes where needed helps Perry and OneWay Xpress have fewer operational issues. Innovative Access allows him to see fuel transactions in real-time and have complete tracking capabilities on his screen. It connects all the pieces of his fleet’s workflow together seamlessly.

“We see cost savings because we can track and keep up with everything,” Perry said. “It saves us time from manually entering all the fuel into the system.”

And as far as operations, Perry said getting all his fuel transactions from vendors downloaded into the software makes life a lot easier.

Perry said from one small fleet to another, he would tell other owners to be patient with the software and give it a chance if they are not as adept at using updated technology.

“The software where they’re coming from is less powerful than what they’re getting with the Innovative Access system,” he said. “So, there’s going to be a little learning curve.”

Perry said one of the main reasons he sticks with Trimble is because of the team’s excellent customer service for a TMS that is extremely useful.

He said his fleet started out with six trucks and has since grown to 19 trucks with the use of Innovative Access. He attributes seamless communication with all of his trucks and drivers, being able to drop trailers everywhere and third-party vendor integrations with continuing to make it easy for OneWay Xpress to grow.

“We see cost savings because we can track and keep up with everything.”

— William Perry, Owner, OneWay Xpress, LLC