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Daylight Transport

The Challenge:

Founded in 1977, Daylight Transport is one of the leading expedited LTL carriers in the United States. Committed to quickly moving freight from coast to coast, Daylight Transport offers great flexibility in its service and is expanding its business quickly. But with success comes growing pains and a host of other challenges, including increased overhead and personnel costs, and added complexity in management.



The Solution:

What Daylight Transport really needed was a one-stop software solution that could offer an integrated system to handle such tasks as carrier and driver payment, billing and rating, dispatch, accounting, customer service, and monitoring and reporting. In 2012 the company began using TruckMate to quickly transform its business. TruckMate began rating the company’s orders automatically and accurately, freeing it from manually handling rating structures and rate details.

It also made the company’s billing more efficient. In addition to digitizing all Daylight Transport’s paperwork, TruckMate eliminated its waiting time for post-delivery paperwork that would provide information for accurate billing. Daylight Transport has also implemented add-ons to its system, such as TruckMate for Web and Electronic Data Interchange (EDI), which has given the company solutions to improve communications with customers and carriers. More importantly, Daylight Transport uses the real-time reporting tools in TruckMate to evaluate performance across the board.


The Result:

After implementing TruckMate, Daylight Transport saw reduced costs in many areas of its business. TruckMate cut billing costs by 25% while ensuring the kind of billing accuracy that only a TMS solution can bring. The company has been able to process more orders than ever before — despite its rapid growth — while maintaining a steady level of personnel to handle the tasks.

TruckMate has also enabled the company to more effectively utilize its website to have customers place orders directly, track shipments and obtain rate quotes. Usage of the website has nearly doubled. Instead of the numerous phone calls the company used to receive, which were a drain on staffing resources.

Now 50% of its pickups are submitted through the company’s website, up from 25% before it implemented Trimble Transportation technology.

The system has also enabled the company to provide freight information 24/7, directly to its customers via the web. Furthermore, performance indicators provided through TruckMate’s real-time monitoring tool have given the company valuable data about its customers' processes and behaviors, which has helped Daylight Transport improve its services to match customer needs.

“We use TruckMate to manage our entire company, from billing, customer service and finance, to everything else. Its visibility into our processes has enabled us to save money in all aspects of our operations. We couldn’t have accomplished what we have without having visibility, as it helps us reduce inefficiencies, support our rapid growth and put us in a leadership position.”

– John Manzanares, EVP, Information Technology, Daylight Transport