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A. Duie Pyle

The Challenge:

With 93 years of experience, A. Duie Pyle is one of the country’s foremost transportation and logistics providers, offering solutions for LTL, Truckload, Custom Dedicated and Warehousing & Distribution. Headquartered in West Chester, Pennsylvania, A. Duie Pyle operates nine warehousing facilities and 22 service centers in the Northeastern United States. With so many facilities to manage, the company is often faced with challenges in monitoring and measuring its operations and assets. Additionally, a growing network of business partners requires the company to seek compatible transportation management software systems that can integrate with partners to streamline operations and communications, and increase efficiency.



The Solution:

TMW.Suite provided an ideal solution for the company’s unique needs. Since implementing the software management solution in 2014, A. Duie Pyle has been using it to manage brokerage activities for all clients, as well as monitoring and reporting on its own business operations. TMW.Suite provides visibility into every stage of its brokerage activities and assigns customized modules to each activity, based on specific needs. Through an intuitive planning screen, A. Duie Pyle is able to:


A. Duie Pyle also uses TMW.Suite to create a daily dashboard and scorecards to monitor its operations. The reporting tool gives the company real-time visibility into how it is doing financially as while it waits for monthly profit and loss statements, which usually take five weeks to be completed. Having the information available at a moment’s notice, in a timeframe much quicker than with its previous processes, has enabled the company to make more informed business decisions in a much more timely manner. This helps the company reduce costs, make actionable predictions and increase its operational efficiency.


The Result:

Thanks to TMW.Suite, A. Duie Pyle has been able to capture and store data regarding its daily operations, and quickly make corrections and improvements to its processes. It’s also better able to provide information to customers, increasing the quality of customer service it can provide. The company can easily integrate TMWSuite with the management systems of its partners, who can then seamlessly share their data and other information through TMW.Suite back to A. Duie Pyle.

A. Duie Pyle says that the visibility and streamlined management solution offered by TMW.Suite has enabled the company to consistently achieve — and exceed — its gross margin targets. Since implementing TMW.Suite three years ago, A. Duie Pyle has increased its gross revenue by 40% and has exceeded its gross margin target by 3% each year.

In 2016, A. Duie Pyle began comparing business month to month, year over year before and implementing TMWSuite and gains were dramatic.

"My team uses TMW operations on a daily basis to capture all business opportunities in one platform. This allows us to measure who’s giving us business, what we were doing with the business we’ve been afforded, whether it’s being secured, whether we lost it on price, or whether we secured it but couldn’t find a truck. It allows us to work exclusively in one tool without having to jump between different systems."

– Anna Hummel, Director of Brokerage, A. Duie Pyle