Video & Safety Solutions

Keep your drivers safe with real-time safety information

We’ll help your fleet prevent accidents, know what’s happening on the road and take steps to keep everyone safe through our state-of-the-art applications like lane departure notifications, EventAlerter, speed monitoring, in-cab training, onboard event recording, radio frequency disable and remote ignition interlock.

Video Intelligence

With Trimble Video Intelligence™, you’re not watching your drivers, you’re watching out for them on the road all around. With our forward-facing and left/right cameras, your back office can watch event-triggered footage coupled with real-time information to get a complete view of an incident to protect your drivers from blame and protect your bottom line. Our product is the only solution on the market that can be fully integrated with both CSA data basics and your fleet mobility system. You’ll be connected like never before.

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Onboard Event Recording

With Trimble Onboard Event Recording™, experience the power to proactively manage driver behavior, reconstruct accidents and transfer recorded event data in real-time. With the ability to access second-by-second recorded data, fleets can monitor driver habits, alter behavior, take corrective action and potentially prevent accidents.

Safety Analytics

Managing the safety of your fleet has never been easier. Trimble Safety Analytics™ dashboard aggregates driver data from your entire fleet in one place, and breaks that data down into easy-to-understand and usable information – allowing you to highlight driving patterns in need of coaching. You can stay ahead of the safety curve and help prevent an incident before it occurs.


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