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Leverage Your Fleet's Data to Improve Your Decision Making

Boost Fuel Economy

Take advantage of Vusion's embedded analytics to improve fuel economy — truck by truck, engine by engine, driver by driver.

Increase Driver Efficiency

Analyze benchmarks in Vusion to see how efficient your drivers are. Then make informed adjustments to increase productivity.

Make Better Purchase Decisions

View equipment data in Vusion that accounts for idle time, over RPM, engine size and more to make better purchase decisions on your equipment.

Manage Driver Behavior

Assign fuel costs to driver behaviors such as idle time, over RPM, excess speed, etc. and discover who's costing you money.

Identify Fuel Theft

Automatically combine fuel purchase information with tank level data inside Vusion and identify if/when fuel theft occurs

Streamline Tax Compliance

Enjoy full-service fuel and road use tax reporting inside Vusion and simplify the compliance process with complex algorithms.

Bring Modern Efficiency to Your Fleet

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Increase Company Efficiency With Vusion

Drive your company forward with data-based decisions derived from Vusion. Contact us to learn more about our industry-leading analytics platform.