Regulatory Compliance

Save time and money with easy compliance

We’ve made it easier to navigate fleet rules and regulations by removing the paper and simplifying the process. Let us help you stay within compliance using electronic driver logs and vehicle inspection.

Electronic Logging Device (ELD)

Manage safety and compliance without the paperwork. eDriver Logs® ELD automates hours of service while reducing violations and improving driver efficiency and safety. This easy-to-use program gives commercial fleet owners and drivers real-time access to the information they need to better manage hours of services risk and exposure. Plus, eDriver Logs requires no additional hardware or software.

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Vusion Fuel Tax Reporting

Our full-service fuel tax solution brings together GPS, ECM odometer readings and fuel purchase data, taking IFTA returns off your hands and eliminating compliance headaches. Sophisticated algorithms, combined with industry expertise, allow us to handle the data cleaning and editing.

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Driver Vehicle Inspection Reports (DVIR)

Driver Vehicle Inspection Reports™  solution meets all FMCSA requirements for electronic vehicle inspection records and simplifies the DVIR process – eliminating the issues associated with the maintenance of paper records. Utilizing Trimble messaging and forms, your driver will save precious pre-trip time to get on the road faster.

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Weigh Station Bypass

With this fully automated bypass service, your drivers spend less time at roadside vehicle inspection sites and more time in-route —reducing delivery delays and wasted fuel. The result: significant savings to your bottom line. Unlike other bypass programs, Drivewyze™ PreClear requires no transponder or additional hardware. Drivewyze PreClear offers a more convenient and safer alternative because it works hands-free on your in-cab device, eliminating the need for driver interaction.

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Line 4 Log Auditing

Trimble data goes beyond the traditional e-log reporting by including fuel stops, inspections and loading/unloading events to enhance your ability to manage hours of service compliance.

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