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Outbound Q4 2018

Cover: Pushing Connectivity Boundaries--Frictionless Business Models. Features: Platooning; Recruiting Millenial Drivers; Profitability Pressures, Canadian Western Front Opportunities; XaaS.

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This issue of Outbound Magazine covers transportation news and information that you can use. 



In this issue:

Our Cover Story:

  • Pushing the Boundaries of ConnectivityLearn how Heniff Transportation’s “frictionless” business model is giving customers full visibility by integrating back-office and tracking systems.


Page 8:

  • It Takes a Platform to PlatoonUsing two-truck platooning can increase fuel efficiency by 7% on average, but many questions remain as new technologies emerge.


Page 10:

  • The Hunt is On...Millennial DriversWith driver shortages at an alarming level, recruiting Millennials is critical to a carrier’s success. Learn how and where to reach them using non-traditional tactics.


Page 14:

  • Profitability Pressures Trucking has always been a low margin business. The most efficient operations generally only realize profits of just a few cents on a dollar. Even something like a spike in the price of fuel can be the difference between red and black PRESSURES ink on a carrier’s balance sheet.


Page 17:

  • Opportunity on the Canadian Western FrontDespite rosy forecasts for the Canadian economy, transporters of oil and lumber in western provinces are dealing with falling volumes driven by North American and international factors.