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Outbound Q4 2021

Highlights this Issue:-What’s important to professional truck drivers? Pg 6.-Underutilization of drivers Pg 6 Pg10-Driver trends, Canada pg 22-Trimble Transportation products pg 3

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Highlights: Special Coverage on Enabling the Driver to be Successfully Connected the the Supply Chain and an Favorable Work Experience

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Highlights this Issue:

  • What’s important to and in store for professional truck drivers and the companies they support? Trimble Transportation’s leader James Langley provides an overview. Page 6.
  • Academics cover the underutilization of drivers and give a snapshot of the employment picture. Articles start on Page 6 and Page 10.
  • What’s trending for drivers in Canada. Read all about it starting on Page 22.
  • Review bite-sized info in our Washington Roundup beginning on Page 24.
  • See how Trimble Transportation makes it easy for our customers to increase driver satisfaction and productivity with a partial list of products starting on Page 30.