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Outbound Q2 2019

Cover: Impact of ELD--Rule is a game changer by improving safety, efficiency & on-time service. Features: Company-Paid ELDT; Meaning of 5G for Industry; Myths, Fears & Autonomous Trucks. Cali Emission

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This issue of Outbound Magazine covers transportation news and information that you can use. 



In this issue:

Our Cover Story:

  • The Real-Life Impact of ELDMore than a year in, what challenges and triumphs are taking place? From reductions in hours-of-service violations to an accurate picture of driving versus non-driving time, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration’s electronic logging device (ELD) rule is proving to be a game changer.


Page 7:

  • The Pros and Cons of ELDTSee a side-by-side breakout of how the new Entry Level Driver Training regs shake out.


Page 8:

  • What Does 5G Mean for the IndustryWith 3G sunsetting and 4G LTE in the limelight, what do you need to know and do right now?


Page 14:

  • Autonomous Trucks: Debunking MythsWhat may sound like science fiction could actually be ingenious and creative, but is the industry ready for autonomous trucks?

Page 18:

  • Avoiding Carrier Fines in the Golden StateWhen loads run through California — home to some of the country’s most stringent air quality regulations — carriers need to be especially careful in their fleet selection.