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Outbound Q2 2018

"Cover: Technology Convergence--Next gen fleet management tech. Features: ELD Detention & Drivers; Lowering Supply Chain Costs; Profit with R/T Analysis; What's Powering Logistics Market.

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This issue of Outbound Magazine covers transportation news and information that you can use. 



In this issue:

Our Cover Story:

  • Technology ConvergenceNext-gen fleet management technology will solve problems at the source. See how.


Page 6:

  • Driving Profit Through Round-Trip AnalysisThe critical point is to recognize that round trips are defined by truck movements, not by orders. Three companies tell how.


Page 8:

  • What’s Powering the Logistics Market?To meet customer expectations, faster than ever, successful companies are investing in innovation, R&D and process improvements all toward achieving five goals. 

Page 10:

  • Lowering Supply Chain CostsIs one approach more successful than the other in reducing shippers’ overall cost—without negatively affecting customer satisfaction?

Page 12:

  • Customer ProfileOakley Transport’s Director of IT Julie Hall explains how the Florida-based carrier is meeting mandates with strong solutions.