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Outbound Q1 2021

Outbound Issue 1 of 2021 (Q1)Cover: Exploring Zero Contact Connectivity

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Highlights this Issue:

  • --Fully digital freight transactions are a holy grail in the transportation and logistics industry. And they are reachable. See how in our Cover Story.
  • --Read an overview on a mobile data solution that combines the reliability of in-cab platforms with smartphones. Page 4.
  • --Guilty? It’s time to do away with consumer navigation systems. Understand why. Start on Page 6.
  • --Your new “go-to” place to post & locate loads, grab better margins per load and develop relationships that can lead to contracts and RFPs. Get information starting on Page 8.
  • --It’s clear: Freight transparency technologies are a key to your business success. Read more, Page 10.
  • --Guest Columnist James Cade, formerly of Ruan, spent his entire life in the world of transportation maintenance. He shares his observations of then, now and the future beginning on Page 14.