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Outbound Q3 2019

Cover: Freight Visibility--Addressing Challenges, Profitably. Features: AI Quote-to-Cash Automation; ELD Prep; Cloud Services; Call to Action for Safety.

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This issue of Outbound Magazine covers transportation news and information that you can use. 



Our Cover Story:

  • Freight Visibility: Address Challenges, ProfitablyVisibility throughout the entire supply chain is key to running successful businesses. We explore the challenges and the technology available right now


Page 13 :

  • TMS in the CloudWhat does success in the cloud look like? And grab our Cloud Implementation Checklist.


Page 14:

  • A Customer Profile on Midnite Express, Inc.Director of Safety and Maintenance Mark Wolter readies for 4G Revolution as 3G Sunsets.


Page 18:

  • Teen TruckersAlabama legislates to put 18-20-year-olds in the driver seat.