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Outbound Q3 2018

Cover: Pulling All Capacity Levers--Using resources. Features: Blockchain; Full-Service Warehousing; Leadership Leveraging BI; Freight Market Outloook (2018); Fuel-Saving Tech; BI in the Final Mile.

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This issue of Outbound Magazine covers transportation news and information that you can use. 



In this issue:

Our Cover Story:

  • Pulling All Capacity LeversFrom a shortage of qualified drivers to mandatory use of electronic logging devices, transportation companies are feeling the pressure when it comes to truck capacity.


Page 6:

  • An IT Guide for Creating Capacity - In a hot freight market, motor carriers and logistics providers want to say “yes” more often to their most profitable customers. By using some or all of these four technologies, companies say they are creating more capacity from their available resources and using it more effectively


Page 8:

  • Intelligence in the Final Mile Companies are getting ahead of the curve by applying business intelligence to their data, and realizing measurable improvements in their final mile performance.


Page 10:

  • Blockchain: Moving From Theory to PracticeComputerized. Transparent. Protected. How blockchain’s growth in real-world shipping is securing the business of global trade.


Page 13:

  • How Leadership Leverages BIAre you’re getting left in the dust by competitors who are using technology to maximize the most important, and least visible, elements of success: saving time and improving efficiencies?