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CEVA Ground

The Challenge:

The for-hire ground transportation provider runs double-digit million miles each year with thousands of dispatches each week. CEVA Ground, formerly The Select Carrier Group of Houston, had very specific and ambitious goals to be met; namely more sophisticated tracking of key performance indicators (KPIs) to further drive performance and advanced technology to help:

  • Reduce empty miles  to below 5%
  • Increase mileage covered by owner-operators from 20% to 80%
  • Improve on-time dispatches and performance throughout their entire network
  • Gain recognition for superior customer service. 

In short, CEVA Ground wanted a short learning curve, ease of integration and the widest range of technology options available. 



The Solution:

Today, CEVA Ground depends on TMW.Suite transportation management software, which helps the company deliver results on all the corporate goals.

Productivity tools track empty miles and indicate when there’s an exception or outlier so that a decision can be made before it becomes a problem. An order scheduling tool builds customized trips that recruiters offer to owner-operators in their fold. Additional solutions track on-time status and trigger back-up planning. Additionally, the solution integrates with a third-party communication system or GPS. And, CEVA Ground has the ability to bring a driver into the system with Trimble’s proprietary mobile communications software and a phone.


The Result:

Initial results included a reduction in empty miles to 4.3% which is in line with the company’s goal at the time. Owner/operators are covering approximately 80% of scheduled system miles in accordance with the CEVA Ground plan. As an aside, the company’s turnover rate holds steady at less than 30% which is considered low in the industry. And, on-time delivery is up to 98%+ for more than 90,000 segments each year.