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H.R. Ewell, Inc.

The Challenge:

Recognized as a leading bulk food-grade carrier in the United States, H.R. Ewell Inc., has been committed to providing the highest level of service in the industry since opening its doors in 1946. 

As part of the company’s master plan to reshape its business through green initiatives, H.R. Ewell management knew it needed a fleet maintenance software solution to help improve truck energy usage. With 148 power units in its fleet and locations in six states, company officials were looking for a product that would enable complete tracking of all breakdowns, inspections, maintenance and outside vendor work. 

Equally important was the need for increased visibility on costs and operational performance.



The Solution:

The selection of Trimble fleet maintenance software offered a seamless end-to-end solution for planning and managing all maintenance activities including:

  • Preventive maintenance schedules
  • Parts inventory
  • Fuel and tire usage
  • Mechanic hours
  • Billing
  • Warranty recovery


Another plus: a decrease in lost productivity from sorting and storing paper invoices. 


The Result:

In addition to the company’s goal of automating its fleet maintenance lifecycle tracking, the added software products have brought to bear a measured increase in warranty reimbursement dollars, better training as well as improved productivity and accountability measures.

Accomplishments include a savings of $100,000 in inventory over 12 months and a projected 30% reduction in the number of tires previously kept in stock.

As for the ecological benefits, H.R. Ewell has begun implementing clean freight strategies like single, wide-base tires to replace traditional dual tires, and tapping into a local landfill to use methane instead of propane gas. With Trimble technology as the company’s software partner, the future to continued quality improvement and cost savings looks bright.