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Engage.Bid – Bid Don’t Bet

Review your guide on how to use technology for network evaluation and to making confident, profitable decisions before and during that all-important bid season.

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Bid season is a massive puzzle. It’s a challenge in which you have to make the right moves with the right players in the hopes that you put together a profitable arrangement for the year to come. 

So how do you construct a winning year of business? Our Trimble Transportation ebook, “Engage.Bid--Bid Don’t Bet,” explores the top three elements that factor into to bidding successfully.


Key takeaways:

Download the ebook to access bidding best practices you can use for your business today.

  • Understanding the MarketplaceAs you fight for your chance to be competitive in the marketplace full of carriers and shippers, see how the battlefield really looks and how to help level it in your favor.

  • Knowing Your Network and Winning the Right ContractsBefore bid season kicks off, understand your customer and area networks to capitalize on smart bidding strategies. Doing so will allow you to price confidently.

  • Leaning on TechnologyBy using bid management technology, you can streamline workflow, processes and free up time to handle more lanes. You gain insight and the ability to win the right freight at the right price.