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RBX Transportation, Inc.

The Challenge:

Originally part of the legendary Campbell 66 Express Trucking company, RBX Transportation, Inc. was founded in 1983 to serve the Midwest’s trucking needs. The business started out as a niche company with only 10 trucks and has grown to 200 trucks with 500 trailers. As RBX grew, the technology they adopted in the late 1990s was no longer meeting their needs adequately. RBX required a transportation management system that was robust enough to handle a fleet of their size and grow with them over time. 



The Solution:

RBX chose transportation management software from Trimble to incorporate logistics management, freight brokerage, private fleet management and the broadest range of carrier operations support available.

During implementation, Trimble migrated all information from RBX’s previous system into TMW.Suite. When the time came to utilize the new system, not one piece of customer information was lost in the process.

RBX also implemented Trimble’s asset maintenance software TMT Fleet Maintenance. Now, TMT is used companywide, automating preventative maintenance, recovering warranties and maintaining parts inventory


The Result:

Together, the two integrated solutions have driven significant results for RBX. TMT Fleet Maintenance software enables RBX to manage its equipment more efficiently and keep it in good repair. They can quickly track old and lost equipment, such as trailers that have been sitting too long. RBX processes around 35,000 orders annually. Meanwhile, TMW.Suite enables managers to easily manage billing, settlements and payables with only five people. Fleet managers now have time to be closer to their drivers, track fuel costs and increase savings.

RBX estimates it will see significant savings of approximately $350,000 each year without hiring new staff.