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Superior Bulk Logistics

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The Challenge:

Superior Bulk Logistics is one of the largest carrier fleet companies in North America. In 2013 alone, the company carried more than five billion pounds of products between the U.S., Canada and Mexico. Superior Bulk Logistics implemented a fleet maintenance solution from Trimble in 2010. 

However, users were taking advantage of only a fraction of the solution’s full capabilities. Employees increased efficiency in entering the manual parts inventory and automated tracking and usage. After which, they recognized the need for a warranty tracking and recovery process. All the data needed to file warranty claims was contained in their fleet maintenance software, TMT Fleet Maintenance, it was just a matter of using it.



The Solution:

The management team at Superior Bulk Logistics contacted the Trimble professional services team for more training. The staff worked with Superior Bulk employees to set up and use the warranty management functions in the TMT Fleet Maintenance Software. Together they built a year’s worth of information into the software, part by part. The data included all original equipment, extended, and replacement part warranties, for more than 1,000 active components.

Today, with this data, Superior Bulk Logistics uses the Vehicle Maintenance Reporting Standards coding system to track and flag, not only internal warranty coverage for parts but also parts of outside service providers. This is a key step in inventory tracking because not all outside service provider part numbers are the in the same structure. VMRS codes put it all in the same language, simplifying inventory.


The Result:

TMT Fleet Maintenance from Trimble Transportation enables Superior Bulk Logistics to track warranties, prepare claims and credit recovered costs on individual vehicles, systems, components, extended parts and aftermarket parts. The TMT software also creates warranty master records, daily reports, failed parts analyses and claims analyses for the fleet. Superior Bulk Logistics has 80 standard reports they can choose. They also have the flexibility to generate an unlimited number of custom or specially configured reports, too.

In the first full month of utilizing Warranty Management, Superior Bulk Logistics recovered $60,000. And, the amount of warranty recovery is automated, accurate and continues to recapture revenue.