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Gibson Energy

The Challenge:

Gibson Energy offers midstream energy infrastructure and logistics services for oil field hauling to customers across North America. The Calgary-based company has been in business for over 60 years and has been using Trimble Transportation solutions since 2001. Because of the fluctuation in crude oil prices, Gibson Energy must always be mindful of keeping costs down and generating revenue quickly and efficiently. That was never truer than in 2014- 2015 when crude oil prices dropped dramatically. For Gibson Energy, there was a renewed call for improving operations while reducing costs and on-boarding customers faster.



The Solution:

For Gibson Energy, effectively cutting costs and driving revenue came down to:

  • Consolidation
  • Standardization
  • Integration

The billing and settlements features of TMW.Suite enabled Gibson Energy to scale both processes, moving from several individual operations to a single, central operation. The company could onboard customer acquisitions quickly and streamline ways of handling business from inside the system. Gibson Energy also consolidated its dispatch services, eliminating regional dispatch locations in favor of a centralized dispatch organization.

The centralized control made possible by TMT Fleet Maintenance allowed Gibson Energy to standardize inventory and parts found in each of its shops, eliminating unnecessary parts that might contribute to carrying costs. Finally, the Warranty Management component of TMT Fleet Maintenance enabled Gibson Energy to integrate fleet maintenance into its overall transportation management system.


The Result:

Gibson Energy’s success was defined by its healthier bottom line. By consolidating its back-end processes, the company saved approximately $1 million per year.

Standardizing components and parts in each of its shops made a budgetary impact, too. Gibson Energy reduced its inventory by about $500,000. It was a significant reduction in carrying costs made possible by central control of inventories.

As for the integration of fleet maintenance, the Warranty Management capabilities of  TMT Fleet Maintenance has saved Gibson Energy’s nearly $100,000 a year since it implemented the solution.

"Over the 16 years that we have used TMW.Suite,we’ve on-boarded probably eight to ten companies, and through that process, we’ve been able to incorporate their activities easily and efficiently. So, a lot of the flexibility of the software makes it easy to get a customer up and running and generating revenue for us fast while making integration of their operations into Gibson Energy’s global operations smooth."

– Larry Bilton, General Manager of Business Services, Canadian Trucking Division, Gibson Energy.