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The Tandet Group

The Challenge: 

As one of Canada’s leading cross-border transportation and logistics firms, the Tandet Group required a sophisticated IT network capable of innovative systems integration to maintain its competitive advantage. Exploring compliance solutions was also key to processing international business transactions.




The Solution:

Tandet implemented TMW.Suite in 2001. Today the software, deployed on a .net platform, manages better than 95% of Tandet’s needs to streamline performance, adhere to regulations, and grow revenue. TMW.Suite’s integration to Tandet’s on-board ELD, telemetry and telematics solution has provided valuable workflow integration between dispatch and driver. From transmitting load information directly to drivers’ tablets to tracking arrivals and departures automatically, TMW.Suite means productivity and efficiency.

TMW.Suite’s adaptability has been decidedly advantageous for Tandet’s business needs on both sides of the U.S.-Canadian international border in reducing data entry errors and lessening driver wait time and delays, all while meeting state, provincial and federal mandates. Drivers can retrieve quickly the data required for random information requests at customs.

Supporting data and documentation for transporting loads are readily accessible within the Tandet network; this includes complete integration to the Automated Commercial Environment (ACE) e-Manifest and the Advanced Commercial Information (ACI) systems.


The Result:

Nearly 20 years in, TMW.Suite remains the “go-to” solution for load planning, dispatch and execution. Drivers have access to complete load data, including product detail, customs broker and border crossing information and precise customer site commentary. The result? Improvements in both time performance and vehicle operator satisfaction.

“Even after nearly two decades, TMW.Suite continues to evolve and influence our outcomes every day. In the last year we’ve experienced a 20% increase in revenue, a 15% increase in our asset pool and a 0% increase in overhead. The entire circle of service is constructed to Tandet’s own specifications, helping to ensure predictable, repeatable results on every dispatch.” – Corey Cox, The Tandet Group