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The Challenge:

Customers today are shopping for low prices, convenience and a seamless experience when they are buying, receiving and even returning products. In order to meet customer expectations and distinguish themselves in a competitive marketplace, retailers have had to find ways to streamline operations. For many retailers, delivery issues not only affect the customer’s experience, they also contribute to operational losses including scheduling inefficiencies, staffing issues and cost overruns to decreased driver morale and frustrated Distribution Center (DC) personnel.



The Solution:

By leveraging Trimble Visibility, La-Z-Boy consolidated its carrier data and systems into one aggregated visibility portal with mobile application capabilities that allow it to manage all last mile furniture deliveries in its North American network.


The Result:

Visibility into exceptions

Prior to implementing the Trimble Visibility mobile app, La-Z-Boy did not have visibility into exceptions that occurred during delivery, unless a customer called them directly or until the route finished for the day and the driver returned to the Distribution Center with their paperwork. Now when exceptions occur, exception details that are logged or loaded into the Trimble Visibility mobile platform are automatically pushed to different groups within La-Z-Boy.


Improved customer service

With Trimble Visibility, La-Z-Boy’s customer-facing personnel has a more comprehensive picture of the issues that the end customer is facing – and provides a near real-time service response experience for the customer as delivery issues are researched and resolved.


Custom reporting capabilities

Trimble Visibility’s custom mobile reporting solutions provide La-Z-Boy with the ability to see a roll up of all exceptions occurring in the delivery footprint, as well as drill-downs into individual carrier performance and route/driver performance. This fully customizable reporting structure allows Distribution Center and corporate management to focus on root cause analysis that was previously much less visible and ensure a great final-mile delivery experience for all of their customers.


“Trimble has been a terrific implementation partner. They were very available to our project team and responsive to our requirements for system familiarization, coding and configuration changes and training. This has been especially important to La-Z-Boy given the evolving nature of some of the new capabilities that the Freight Portal provides.”

Eric Hulsemann, Director of Project Management, La-Z-Boy Corporate