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Master Fleet

The Challenge:

Master Fleet provides fleet maintenance services for carriers of all sizes as well as owner-operators. The company has four maintenance service centers, a breakdown team, a maintenance training program, a consulting group that assesses and benchmarks costs and best practices, a contract maintenance team, and a tire program for small fleets.

To manage maintenance and repair services and programs across the country, Master Fleet requires a unified source of information – integrated with financial and accounting systems – to ensure the lowest costs and least amount of downtime for its customers.

A single database, accessible from any location, is required to access customer and equipment details and complete service histories, manage operations, plan maintenance, track warranty and claims, communicate with customers and generate detailed reports on costs and vehicle lifecycles.



The Solution:

Since 2006, Master Fleet has used the TMT Service Center solution at its facilities in Green Bay, Neenah and Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and it recently implemented the software at a new service center in Fort Worth, Texas.

Master Fleet uses TMT Service Center to manage all maintenance and repairs for customers. The software is designed for medium- and heavy-duty truck repair businesses that offer fleet management and services for companies outsourcing vehicle maintenance.

Master Fleet also uses TMT Service Center to manage road calls for fleets. The company’s breakdown team provides roadside assistance through a nationwide network of vendors, including towing services, if needed.


The Result:

Master Fleet uses TMT Service Center software, along with its vast expertise and knowledge, to bring value to its customers.

“Depending on their operations and how many best practices are implemented, the cost savings for customers ranges from 5% to 30%,” says Master Fleet President Tom Anderson. “With the reporting capabilities and key performance indicators that are established and tracked with the TMT Service Center software, we can make improvements in maintenance costs and equipment and driver utilization, and reduce breakdowns.”

For Master Fleet customers, TMT Service Center enhances processes and establishes standards for PM and tire programs, repair activities, parts management, shop scheduling, warranty claims, and vendor management. The software provides key performance metrics, including detailed cost reports and vehicle lifecycle data, and has drill-down capabilities that enable Master Fleet to customize reporting for internal use and for customers.

Using the capabilities of the Vehicle Maintenance Reporting Standards (VMRS) coding convention integrated with TMT Service Center, Master Fleet can generate reports on costs for various systems and components and drill down into reasons for repairs, parts usage and labor.

The detailed analyses derived from the software allow for analysis of trends in specifications and maintenance practices and lead to more informed and effective budget, operations and equipment choices. Internally, the software helps improve service center and technician productivity and reduce administrative expenses.

According to Anderson, TMT Service Center is similar to the dispatching system that a trucking company uses as a central point for data on orders, routes, locations, and customer delivery needs, equipment and driver availability, and which serves as the communications hub with customers and drivers.

“TMT Service Center software is the technology we use to track and access customer and equipment records, plan and manage service and repair activity, and provide customers with alerts and up-to-date information,” he explains.

“Most importantly, its database and reporting capabilities are what lead to keeping costs as low as possible and asset utilization as high as possible for our customers. It’s how we help our customers make maintenance their competitive advantage.”

“TMT Service Center is enabling us to achieve cost savings for our customers of 5% to 30% because it is a key element in our ability to establish, track and report on key performance indicators. The software is a foundation of everything we do. It’s an integral, fundamental part of how we do business because it is so important to helping lower costs and improve uptime for our customers. Our use of TMT Service Center has evolved over the years and with it we’ve been able to grow.”

Tom Anderson, President, Master Fleet