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INFOGRAPHIC: Discover How Older In-Cab Hardware Could Be Holding Your Fleet Back

Vintage may be cool when it comes to music, fashion and designs. Unfortunately, this isn’t the case with old in-cab hardware for your fleet management solutions.

As technology, the transportation industry and your business continues to evolve, upgrading your fleet management hardware is crucial to empowering you and your drivers to get the most out of every mile.

Do you know how older in-cab hardware may be impacting your fleet’s performance and connectivity? Take a look at the below infographic to find out why legacy equipment can hinder your productivity and learn how cutting-edge solutions like the Trimble Duo can help you experience the latest innovations in fleet management technology.

Elevate Your Fleet Management Experience with Trimble

From creating less-than-ideal user experiences to relying on sunsetting 3G networks - there are many reasons why the time is now to upgrade your in-cab fleet management hardware.

So where do you start? Reach out to us today to learn more about our latest fleet management solutions and how we can help you harness advancing technology to make a positive impact on your drivers’ experience and your bottom line.