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Trimble Duo Complete Fleet Management Solution

Your fleet’s operations can be complicated ‒ selecting the right fleet management technology shouldn’t have to be.

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Per Month Per Truck

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  • All-In-One Display

    Trimble Duo

    Trimble Duo Device Straight On

    The Trimble Duo is the latest in-cab innovation—a single device that combines an intuitive display with a 4G-LTE-powered vehicle gateway. Gone are the days of complicated and time-consuming installations. Ruggedized to withstand the most demanding environments.

  • Fleet Management Software

    Trimble Fleet Manager

    trimble fleet management software in use

    Trimble fleet management software includes critical functionality that allows you to gain simplicity and peace of mind when working your mobile workforce and equipment. These include onboard event recording (OER), vehicle performance & engine data, web-based software applications, robust reporting and Fleet Manager Portal to connect the back office to the truck.

  • ELD Compliance

    eDriver Logs® ELD

    trimble eld compliance hour of service logging

    Stay compliant wherever your fleet operates with our proven electronic logging and vehicle inspection platform, allowing drivers to maximize their safety and productivity. Driver automated workflow notifies you when a driver approaches a destination, when they arrive and when they depart, helping you better manage your fleet and provide timely updates to your customers

  • 24/7/365 Support

    Customer Support

    Short Crop of Broker on Headset-24-7 Support

    Your fleet doesn't stop and we are here to support you and your drivers, whenever and wherever you need it. Trimble offers 24/7 support, on-demand training, installation guides, advanced documentation and APIs to support customization.

Key Features

ELD Compliance

Hour of service tracking with Trimble eDriver Logs® ELD

In-Cab Hardware

Rugged touch-screen display with built-in LTE gateway

Driver Workflow

Fleet tracking with automated location alerts


Gain real-time driver and vehicle performance data


Integrate your truck data with TMS, ERP & more

Onboard Event Recording

Capture data on vehicle health, engine data, and performance

GPS Fleet Tracking

Track and monitor your fleet anywhere in the US & Canada

  • Navigation

    CoPilot Truck

    turn by turn navigation with copilot truck
    Turn-By-Turn GPS Navigation

    The concept of “lost” is eliminated permanently. Customized specifically for OTR, this trusted in-cab navigation system keeps your fleet safe and compliant for the entire journey. Voice-guided GPS navigation, along with industry-standard PC*MILER truck-specific routing helps drivers go from dock-to-dock faster, and from mile-to-mile safely and more efficiently. And with seamless synergy between back office and cab, everyone is always on the same page.

    Low Monthly Price

    $8 per truck per month

  • Weigh Station Bypass

    Drivewyze PreClear

    bypass weigh stations with Drivewyze Preclear
    Weigh Station Bypass

    Provides legal bypass opportunities at over 840 sites across 47 states and provinces. For your fleet and drivers, this means tangible time and cost savings from avoiding weigh station delays, delivering loads on time and getting home safely. Save money, improve efficiencies, and increase driver satisfaction.

    Low Monthly Price

    $15.75 Per Truck Per Month

  • Fuel Tax


    Automate IFTA fuel taxes with ProMiles
    IFTA Compliance

    The most accurate fuel tax data, eliminating missing or lost miles. Not only does ProMiles calculate the most accurate miles possible by using data recorded by the vehicle, but it also creates an auditable trip record that captures routes traveled, jurisdictional miles, trip dates and a viewable trip sheet complete with an interactive map of the trip. Don’t fear your next fuel tax audit when you have ProMiles.

    Low Monthly Price

    $7.50 Per Truck Per Month

  • Speed Monitoring


    Monitor speed and driver behavior with SpeedGuage
    Safety Center

    The essential speed monitoring and driver performance improvement solution. Providing reliable and dynamic reporting on actual speed vs posted speed limits for fleets and small businesses - everywhere. Using speed analysis as a simple yet transformative coaching metric to improve safety awareness and practices at any fleet for immediate and long-lasting risk reduction and operational gains.

    Low Monthly Price

    $3.00 Per Truck Per Month

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We’ve heard nothing but positive feedback from our drivers. We won’t purchase anything else but Trimble Duo.

Joy J. Hanson-Hickerson
Chief Financial Officer, TSD Logistics

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