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Premier Truck Group

The Challenge:

Premier Truck Group is a full service repair and fleet maintenance company. After a short four years and substantial growth, the company’s database no longer met its needs. Further complicating the problem, the database host was not pulling information decision makers needed and could not provide highly valuable data to the company. 

Other problems arose, such as the need for a more efficient communication system between entities and locations concerning customer information. The lack thereof compromised a critical aspect of the business: customer relationship retention. The problems within the company stemmed from the need for better reporting to address their customers’ requirements.



The Solution:

A proven solution from Trimble Transportation fit the bill. Using TMT Fleet Maintenance enabled Premier Truck Group, formerly Warner Fleet Services,  to achieve a higher efficiency rate and overall success. 

Each day, more than 60 users work within TMT Fleet Maintenance software successfully. Users can extract key information from the company’s existing database. Designated personnel can access data and create, customize and maintain useful and fully formatted reports. All relevant information can be analyzed and interpreted through the Crystal Reports feature in the TMT Fleet Maintenance Software. Data access and effective reporting heightened Premier Truck Group’s ability to work with all 12,000 locations and six maintenance shops.

Furthermore, the preventative maintenance scheduling feature built into the TMT system allows management to track planned inspections at unlimited dependent and independent levels. This provides progress and status percentages to management in weekly reports. 


The Result:

Premier Truck Group expressed satisfaction with the TMT software and returned to Trimble for additional solutions. These applications work together to ensure the company is meeting its weekly, monthly, or yearly goals. If not, the applications notify management about what needs to be done.

Choosing and using Trimble software gives Premier Truck Group the full benefit of metrics, dashboards, and configuration. These benefits enable the company to turn challenges into opportunities and achieve the next level of business growth.