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Bay & Bay

By implementing an automated fuel optimization solution for TL carriers, the company recognized tens of thousands of dollars in savings in one quarter and 100% compliance with fueling in the yard.


The Challenge:

Even with lower fuel prices across the US and Canada, companies work to squeeze savings out of fuel expenditures. Part of the Bay & Bay Transportation mission is to attract and retain customers by providing safe, consistent and quality transportation solutions. But a few years back, when diesel fuel prices soared, how those costs were derailing the mission and hurting the bottom line was not lost on company leadership.  

Even with fuel discounts in place the daily, weekly and monthly fuel bills increased exponentially. To keep hundreds of power units and reefers operating profitably, containing fuel costs emerged as the #1 issue facing the dry van, refrigerated & bulk tank carrier. 



The Solution:

Bay & Bay Transportation needed automation to devise the best routes and buying options. Enter Trimble's industry-leading fuel purchase optimization software for TL carriers. It integrates with existing dispatch and mobile communications systems to reduce fuel expenses by using access to data feeds to generate fuel purchase and route plans at the time of dispatch. Following implementation, Bay & Bay documents a $70,000 savings in one quarter alone.


The Result:

The company indicates 100% compliance with fueling in the yard. Bay & Bay takes advantage of its software to automatically generate fuel purchase and route plans at the time of each dispatch and transmits them to drivers through mobile communications systems without staff intervention.

Fueling plans calculate all essential factors in real-time, in a matter of seconds. The best route and buying options are dynamically evaluated taking into account 10 variables:

  • Current fuel prices
  • Fuel level
  • Vehicle fuel consumption
  • State tax implications
  • Fuel network implications
  • Out-of-route miles
  • Route policies
  • Terminal Fueling policies
  • Tank fill policies
  • Driver amenities

With Trimble technology, Bay & Bay has a firm handle on controlling fuel expenses even in our current climate. The software cuts costs even in times of low fuel pricing.