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Paul's Hauling

The Challenge:

Paul’s Hauling is a bulk transporter of agricultural and petroleum chemicals located in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. The company has used Trimble’s services for two decades and was even a member of the development team for Data Warehouse, which enabled the management team at Paul’s Hauling to identify KPIs and measure performance to a greater degree.

With so many facilities to manage, the company is often faced with challenges in monitoring and measuring its operations and assets. Additionally, a growing network of business partners requires the company to seek compatible transportation management software systems that can integrate with partners to streamline operations and communications, and increase efficiency.



The Solution:

All businesses look for ways to do more with less, and Paul’s Hauling was no exception. Most companies use TMW.Suite as a single add-on within a larger system, but Paul’s Hauling adopted it to be the core of its entire enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems network. By embracing TMW.Suite as a central ERP solution, they could integrate almost any component – from imaging tools to mobile communications – into one application. This centralization led to a more streamlined operation, from standardizing loading processes to improvements in routing and journey management. No matter the criteria, the team at Paul’s Hauling was able to focus on one application to get information and monitor performance.


The Result:

TMW.Suite enabled Paul’s Hauling to grow its business in a crowded marketplace by doing more work with the same amount of people. They could assign resources and deploy services more effectively. The company boosted its productivity by centralizing every order. By taking control of its routing compliance and driver information, Paul’s Hauling made sure that it delivered its tasks safely and on time.

Out-of-route miles were reduced to just 1.5% and loading standardization saw a 10% improvement.

A new pedigree of efficiency was injected into the entire process, from delivery to invoicing. With all of these benefits combined, Paul’s Hauling has come to be known as a leader in the industry.

"Every business has issues, but the way in which Trimble Transportation helps us address those issues makes us feel like true partners. We feel like we’ve built a true relationship – not only within TMW.Suite, but across the Trimble family."

– John Albrechtsen, Manager of Operations, Paul’s Hauling