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JD Smith and Sons Ltd

The Challenge:

As a leading transportation carrier, 3PL and warehousing company for nearly 100 years, Ontario-based JD Smith and Sons, Ltd., had already learned the value of staying ahead of the curve. The company had a long tradition of investing in transportation technology to improve services and enhance customer service. As an existing customer of Trimble, the objective was to provide even more accurate and real-time updates. The updates had to be available from the moment the activity occurred and give EDI load status updates to its short-haul customers.  



The Solution:

With TruckMate, a transportation management software solution from Trimble, JD Smith has successfully taken advantage of all technology the system has to offer. Now through integration with a Trimble partner, the company is operating an end-to-end solution which includes document imaging, Web-enabled services and mobile communication service.

An investment in a third-party vendor with integration to TruckMate is the winning combination. The integration gives JD Smith and Sons the ability to wirelessly receive valuable updates to TruckMate including vehicle behavior, driver activities, time stamps and GPS locations.


The Result:

JD Smith has enhanced services and reduced costs. The company has recorded measurable improvements in the accuracy and reliability of timestamp information, faster and more efficient dispatching, as well as constant engine performance and driver skills monitoring. In addition to savings from eliminating time and labor requirements to do manual updates, JD Smith is reaping the benefits of decreased fuel consumption.