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Cowan Systems, LLC

The Challenge:

Cowan Systems, LLC is a large,  formidable player in the LTL and specialized TL carrier space. The company is recognized specifically for dedicated fleet services, logistics, intermodal and warehousing capabilities. The rapidly changing industry climate drove new challenges, including but not limited to:

  • Fuel tax increases
  • Workers’ comp insurance
  • Liability insurance
  • Deregulation
  • Work competition
  • Driver shortage
  • Cost of CSA 


The Cowan organization had to know all of its costs and keep good margins on its rates in an economy that was less than optimal. Cowan required a special set of technology tools to help pull and mine data. 



The Solution:

Cowan’s part of the supply chain is to provide the transportation from the origin of the product to the end consumer.  Its customer service is what sets the carrier apart from its competitors—the ability to show up every day—performing services without failure. 

Cowan leadership acknowledges the feature and function-rich Trimble Transportation solution. To capitalize on as many opportunities as possible Cowan conducts its own onsite user training, of sorts, by hosting Trimble experts at least once a year. And that training focuses on multiple areas of the business e.g., dispatch, payroll or billing to reeducate staff and keep abreast of what is available within the software.


The Result:

Trimble allows Cowan to manage its costs to the penny. This includes enabling the carrier to invoice every order accurately and pay every driver correctly. The company works toward 98% on-time performance. With Trimble tools and modified equipment in place, Cowan is able to offer consistent service to every shipper it serves as well as tackle industry challenges as they present.