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Brown Trucking

The Challenge:

The mantra was clear: On time. All the time.

The challenge was tough but doable: extract and supply information for customers to help them run their own businesses better. To make it happen, Brown Trucking bosses demanded accurate Information on average costs, detention billing, bobtail charges, fuel charges and other data, crucial to the company’s operations. Now with locations all over the US Southeast and beyond, this dedicated, regional carrier—that started with one truck more than 65 years ago—is front and center offering unparalleled, innovative, dedicated transportation services and solutions. Here’s how they managed and grew.



The Solution:

Using TruckMate—transportation management software (TMS) from Trimble—Brown Trucking has very detailed information on every load. The TMS calculates the average costs, detention billings, bobtail charges and more while factoring in additional variables. The software helps employees build loyalty among existing customers and attract new ones. 


The Result:

Since installing TruckMate integrated software more than 15 years ago, Brown Trucking revenue soars—up by 133% in the few years immediately succeeding implementation.  The company has a keen ability to bring a higher level of focus on the customer—the shipper—and that customer service has been absolutely critical to growth.

Over the ensuing years, Brown has added additional modules and applications, thanks to the flexibility of the transportation management system. Among the adds is a solution that automates driver recruitment to increase hiring accuracy, lower costs and minimize turnover.

According to the company’s president, the services offered in tandem with Trimble software is often the tie breaker in competitive situations.  Brown indicates it solicits very little new business. Growth is driven by customer satisfaction and word of mouth that the system helps to create.