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Stay Up To Date About The Canadian ELD Mandate

4 Ways to Make the Most of Canada ELD Mandate Compliance with Trimble’s Certified ELD

It might seem obvious but an important first step to maintaining compliance with Canada’s electronic logging device (ELD) mandate is to choose compliant technology.

As part of the regulation, all compliant ELDs must be certified by a third-party certification body to ensure they meet the technical requirements of the mandate. But, just because you are choosing a certified ELD, how do you know if you are choosing the right ELD for your business, your drivers and your operational goals?

As a certified platform, our Driver ELD won’t only help you stay compliant but empower you to maximize productivity and connectivity across your fleet, including through:

1. An Intuitive, Android-Powered User Experience

While operating under new regulations can be a challenge, implementing an ELD that is straightforward and easy to use is a crucial part in maintaining compliance and improving your drivers’ workflows.

Helping ease this transition can be achieved by making it simple for your drivers to interact with the ELD in-cab. Our ELD application is built on the Android operating system, a widely-used environment that your drivers may already be familiar with on their personal smart devices. This not only will help them see key trip details and available hours but the ease of use also can streamline other aspects of their job such as navigating roadside inspections and sharing key details with enforcement.

The benefits of Android extend beyond the user experience, too. By deploying an Android-based ELD, fleets can gain flexibility in choosing from a wider range of display types to meet their unique technology needs, including fixed-mount and portable, tablet-style options. Likewise, the commonality of Android provides fleets with the opportunity to customize the driver experience with a wide range of web-based, third-party apps or customized apps tailored to their specific workflows or job requirements.

2. Comprehensive Back Office Reporting

While the driver experience is an essential part of an ELD platform, your fleet’s Hours of Service (HOS) information is crucial to all aspects of your operations, including for back office safety and dispatch personnel. Gathering this data in a complete and easy-to-access way is vital in helping you make important and informed decisions about your drivers and assets.

Trimble Driver ELD features a comprehensive set of back office reports to help users make the most of their fleet’s connectivity to further improve safety and efficiency. From proactively spotting potential HOS violations to maximizing drivers’ available hours to increase utilization, Driver ELD allow carriers of all shapes and sizes to harness HOS data for their benefit.

3. Wealth of Integration Opportunities

Having a seamless flow of driver and vehicle data throughout all parts of your operations is important, too. This includes any other technologies you have in place today, including transportation management systems (TMS) or asset maintenance solutions.

So, how do you ensure your ELD complements your current technology stack and avoid keeping your fleet’s HOS data in a silo? It starts with having the right integration capabilities. 

Trimble Driver ELD has extensive integrations to a wide range of back office technologies, helping you further derive value from your ELD investment and help to better connect all aspects of your business. From Trimble-specific solutions to other third-party technology, we can assist in getting this valuable HOS information where it needs to go.

4. Nearly Two Decades of Electronic Logs Know-How

In the face of new regulations and a continuously evolving transportation supply chain, it isn’t just about selecting the right ELD but also selecting the right ELD provider to help you keep pace.

Trimble's ELD first debuted nearly two decades ago and, while it is safe to say technology and the industry has changed a lot in that time, we back our ELD with this extensive experience in helping fleets just like yours make the most of electronic logs.

Migration to any new technology can seem daunting but it doesn’t have to be. From earlier iterations of electronic logs such as Automatic Onboard Recording Devices (AOBRDs) to current ELD technology, we have guided fleets throughout North America in implementing compliant solutions to benefit their safety, performance and productivity. And we can help yours, too.

Navigate the ELD Mandate with Trimble

With Canada’s ELD mandate now in effect, the clock is ticking on your fleet (and drivers’) compliance. So where do you begin?

Whether you are on paper logs today or making the switch from AOBRDs, we can help ensure you make the transition as seamless as possible.

Connect with us today to learn more about the extensive benefits of our certified ELD solution and how it can empower you to go beyond just complying with this new regulation but help you maximize the ROI of your technology investment.