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Stay Up To Date About The Canadian ELD Mandate

Understanding the Canadian ELD Technical Standard

As you may have heard, the Canadian Council of Transport Administrators (CCMTA), has published its final draft of the Canadian Electronic Logging Device (ELD) technical standard and will be going to the CRA Committee and CCMTA Board of Directiors for approval. But what does that mean for fleet owners and drivers? Fortunately, our technology and compliance experts at Trimble are on top of it and have some answers for you.

Currently, drivers in Canada are required to fill out paper logbooks per the National Safety Code (NSC) Standard for Commercial Vehicle Drivers Hours of Service (NSC Standard 9). This standard also allows the use of electronic media provided it captures the information required by the federal and provincial Hours of Service (HOS) regulations. After the final ELD mandate was published in the U.S., the CCMTA updated its Canadian ELD standard to ensure consistency with the U.S. ELD mandate, and incorporated comments and feedback from industry stakeholders and ELD manufacturers.


Here are some highlights of the proposed Canadian technical standard:

  • Limited to the functionality of ELD technology and does not impose new requirements on the driver or motor vehicle.
  • Intended to improve compliance for motor carriers and drivers required to maintain a logbook as per regulatory obligations under HOS regulations.
  • Enables enforcement personnel to more efficiently verify compliance with HOS regulations.
  • Consistent with the U.S. ELD final rule, making it easier on drivers who are crossing borders.


Currently, there is no official timeline for compliance for the Canadian ELD technical standard as it is yet to be approved and finalized. However, it is likely that it will follow the U.S. ELD mandate by two years. The timeline might look like:

  • December 2019 – start of phased-in compliance and grandfather period
  • December 2021 – end of the grandfather period and full ELD compliance


While this technical standard includes requirements for ELDs, fleets and drivers oftentimes need more than just an ELD, and rather require a more comprehensive system to meet a wide variety of needs. Fortunately, Trimble offers products ranging from standard ELDs to fleet management systems that offer everything from driver apps to reporting analytics. Contact us to find out how you can maximize your hours of living.

This final draft of the Canadian ELD technical standard signals that change is coming in Canada. Rest assured that Trimble will stay on top of any new regulation changes and ensure that our software complies with all components of the technical standard. Visit our ELD Resource Page for more information and to contact our team to answer any questions you may have.