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Technology Health: The Importance of Upgrades, Including for Your Transportation Management System

Quick. Do you remember the cell phone you (or your parents) carried back in 2005?

Flip? BlackBerry? SideKick?

Did you upgrade to a 3G network phone soon after? And, in all honesty, could you have lived without a 4G/LTE network (or better) conducive phone over the last few years for the highly coveted talk, text and data features? Imagine using the tiny screen, slow connections and limited functionality today.

Think of cellular technology in comparison to TMS technology. Some features of your old flip phone may be patched together and work; however, the speed, response time, connectivity and full functionality features have been lost over time. Using old technology dates your company and hinders new, profitable business opportunities by making you less efficient, less productive and vintage - and not in a fashionable way.

Think Efficiency and Productivity

Yes, the current tech you’re using might be comfortable, familiar and “just fine.” It gets the job done. But, what if you could get an hour, or possibly more, back in your day after an upgrade to your system and short training session with your employees? Updates exist to ensure the technology is up to par with daily activities and, simply put, to make users' lives as hassle-free as the new interface allows.

Time = money and who needs less of either? By upgrading your systems on a regular basis you’re ensuring the most up-to-date version of your software, securing more productivity in everyday life.

Think Response Times

How long are you willing to wait for a web page to load or for an app to pull information from its database? No longer than the last time you used that program, right? We’ve all gotten used to quick internet speeds and how big of an issue it becomes when the connection is down.

Response times matter and improving on them matters more. Here’s a quick example from Trimble’s new TMWSuite interface, including the previous times from 2018, to 2021:

response times

Think TMWSuite Upgrade - Signs to Upgrade

Today’s TMS system has to be powerful, reliable and scalable. Your transportation management software should:

  • Provide speed and stability

  • Allow for ease of use

  • Grow with you and your company as you expand

By upgrading your service to TMWSuite, you’re ensuring you have the latest and greatest version of the Trimble Transportation Cloud for the most up-to-date Trimble TMS product and web services yet. 

Ditch the outdated version of your TMS and see how the new upgrade can work for you.