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5 Signs That You’re Ready to Upgrade Your TMS Software

An effective transportation management system is crucial to maximizing your fleet’s productivity. But not all TMS software is created equal, and it can be challenging to evaluate how your current solution is performing. In fact, you may not notice operational inefficiencies that are holding you back from potentially explosive growth.

While every carrier is different, there are a number of universal signs that can indicate it’s time to upgrade your TMS software. As you’re evaluating your current operations, watch for the following:


1. Your Fleet Is Expanding

Whether you’re adding 10 trucks or 1,000 trucks, more vehicles mean more administrative and logistical work—or does it? If you aren’t currently using TMS software, an expanding fleet is a clear sign that it’s time to get a system in place, one that will allow you to keep costs and services competitive. 

The right TMS software will adapt to your needs and streamline your operational processes, minimizing growing pains while you increase hauling capacity.


2. Your Needs Are Growing More Complex

You may have started off simply wanting help managing your dispatch process, but your needs have likely grown since you first adopted a transportation management system. Now, you might be searching for solutions to issues like inefficient load-matching, limited integrations and inaccurate billing. 

At Trimble, we know that there is no one-size-fits-all TMS solution. Your fleet benefits from technology that is tailored to meet your needs and grow alongside your business. That’s why we offer several proven TMS products to address the objectives of small, medium, and large fleets. Overall, our TMS software enhances operations, administrative, financial, and maintenance management capabilities, allowing you to focus your valuable time and effort where it’s most needed.


3. Your Current Transportation Management System Can’t Keep Up

Whether you built your own system and no longer have the capacity to run it or you’re working off of TMS software that doesn’t function as well as it should, it’s time to look elsewhere for a solution. Before searching for an alternative, take some time to evaluate your current system.

  1. Are you able to access it anywhere? It is increasingly important that a TMS solution can be enabled on tablets and smartphones or accessed remotely. 

  2. Can you get more precise reporting? A best-of-breed TMS solution can combine great amounts of previously unattainable information and provide customized reports for the user’s specific needs and challenges.

  3. Is it compatible with your existing IT infrastructure? A new TMS must be compatible with the legacy management, database and reporting tools you already use or have hosted opportunities to expand your infrastructure options.

  4. How is the quality of its support? Choose a provider with timely and responsive technical support and a variety of communication methods, documentation and training options.

  5. Is it flexible and scalable? Choose a TMS that can scale up to fluctuating needs during periods of high demand/growth without requiring a large capital investment in additional IT capacity.


What do your licensed daily users think of your transportation management system? Does it make their jobs easier? Does it integrate with any other systems and software used by your customers? Could a more advanced solution provide much-needed clarity, whether through business intelligence or administrative capabilities? The answers to these questions and more should give you a clear idea of the shortcomings of your current TMS software—and a solid understanding of what to look for in your next solution.


4. You Want to Cut IT Costs

Is your time (and budget) being spent on IT needs when it should be focused on your core business operations?

Trimble’s cloud-based TMS solutions and hosted services can turn a logistical nightmare into a tight operation, offering data security, industry-leading uptime, unmatched disaster recovery and system reliability and connectivity. A connected cloud-based TMS improves freight operations by applying sophisticated rules and capabilities to a much broader base of for-hire carriers, private fleets and brokers.

At the same time, our SaaS platform presents a cost-effective alternative to on-premises software. By making the move to the cloud, you’ll reduce the need for pricey updates, ongoing education, and on-premises support.


5. You Want to Improve Driver Retention

Year after year, driver retention is named one of the top challenges facing the trucking industry. Some turnover will always exist, but recruiting and keeping excellent drivers for as long as possible will improve your productivity, efficiency and company image.

Not sure where to start improving retention? Take a look at your internal administrative and operating processes. Are your drivers getting paid on time and accurately? Are you helping limit detention and making the best use of their hours? Are you providing them with the best equipment/technology and building strong, inter-departmental relationships with access to apps for driver/manager communication and easier processes? Ironing out these inefficiencies won’t only improve your bottom line; it will also create a more satisfactory work environment for your employees. With modern-day amenities, contactless signature capture, optimized and properly matched loads, our TMS software solutions give your company the competitive edge when hiring and retaining drivers.


TMS Software That Grows With Your Company

Here at Trimble, we take great pride in creating products that meet the needs of fleets both large and small—and everything in between. We’ve spent decades creating scalable products and services that connect your entire supply chain. 

If you’ve noticed that your transportation management system isn’t serving you as well as it should, we’re here to help you upgrade to a sophisticated TMS software that will fit your needs and grow with your organization. Find out how fleets just like yours are leveraging SaaS-based TMS solutions to improve all parts of their operations.