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6 Reasons to Convert your TMS to a SaaS Platform

If you’re already using the capabilities of a modern Transportation Management System (TMS) for operations, assets, drivers and a range of business processes, you’re well aware of how these data-driven solutions can effectively automate practices and streamline your connections to customers and partners.

Whether you’ve already invested in a TMS or are just getting started, you can also maximize and realize a faster return on your investment with a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) platform. In a departure from on-premise solutions, a TMS SaaS offers next-generation capabilities along with a number of benefits you can realize from its access anytime, anywhere structure.

1. A TMS SaaS is an affordable solution because it provides for a predictable subscription-based cost. 

There are no more hardware requirements or server rooms to manage, which means you no longer have to support or spend money on cooling systems, space for server racks or miscellaneous equipment—and the staff to manage it.

2. The responsibility for TMS functionality in a SaaS model, including database maintenance and backups is on the supplier. 

In the event of a system failure, a TMS in this model can be up and running quickly.

3. A TMS SaaS gives you the convenience of using a single provider for your information technology infrastructure and management system needs.

And it provides streamlined access to expert one-stop support.

4. A state-of-the-art TMS SaaS provides advanced security and effective measures that are especially essential at a time when cyber and ransomware attacks are on the rise. 

It also features redundant data warehousing in the event of a breach or if a natural disaster renders your TMS inaccessible or even destroys your IT infrastructure altogether.

5. The team behind your SaaS ensures that the loss of institutional knowledge when people in your organization responsible for managing your company’s TMS move on to other jobs or retire is no longer a concern. 

In addition, the time and costs involved in continually updating employee skill sets are eliminated with a SaaS platform while the time to bring new hires up to speed is shortened considerably.

6. A SaaS platform for hosting your TMS offers unparalleled flexibility to business cycles.

In this model, servers can be scaled up quickly to allow for your company’s expansion and to handle growth.

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