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Extend the Life of Your Tires

Keep Your Fleet on the Road

Track the status and performance of each tire in your fleet to avoid flats and keep your trucks on the road longer.

Maximize Tire Life

Extend the lifespan of each tire in your fleet with key data you can use to plan tire repairs and maintenance.

Reduce Tire Costs

Minimize tire expenses by learning which tires perform best and when to rotate them so you can avoid flats and blowouts.

Get Valuable Tire Data

Monitor the tread depth, age and location of your tires to stay ahead of tire failure via regular rotation and replacement.

View Tire Performance

Quickly analyze tire performance with color coded diagrams that reflect the current status of each tire on a given tractor.

Integrate Your System

Access Trimble Tire Tracking directly inside your TMT product to get accurate data including true total cost of ownership.

Boost Company Profits, Simply

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Extend Tire Life With Trimble Tire Tracking

Use Trimble Tire Tracking to keep your trucks where they belong: on the road. Contact us today to learn more.