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New TMT Fleet Maintenance Integrations Aimed at Enhancing Connectivity and Improving Productivity

As part of our vision to create a connected maintenance experience for the transportation industry, we are rolling out three new integrations to our TMT Fleet Maintenance software, each designed to streamline the user experience and improve connectivity throughout the maintenance process.

The new integrations, featured at the American Trucking Associations’ (ATA) Technology & Maintenance Council (TMC) 2021 Fall Meeting, are built on the Trimble Transportation Cloud, which facilitates seamless and secure integrations between Trimble’s ecosystem of solutions and those from third-party providers.

“Proper fleet maintenance plays a crucial role in keeping vehicles, fleets and the entire supply chain moving,” said Mike Keus, vice president, Asset Maintenance, Trimble Transportation. “These new capabilities help increase collaboration and connectivity for all stakeholders, supporting our strategy to provide solutions that maximize resource utilization, increase freight coverage and ultimately make the transportation industry more productive for everyone it serves.”

These integrations include:

Navistar International® 360 - Repair Order Import

International 360® provides visibility to International Truck service and repair events. Through this integration, fleets will now be able to connect to International dealers directly in TMT Fleet Maintenance to better manage outsourced maintenance.

Noregon JPRO® Professional

JPRO® Professional is a vehicle diagnostic solution that provides technicians with key vehicle data, enhanced fault code descriptions, troubleshooting steps and bi-directional tests for all makes and models of commercial vehicles. The JPRO® integration connects with TMT Fleet Maintenance and allows users to upload pertinent vehicle and diagnostic information for repair orders and warranty submissions.

Uptake Compass and Uptake Fleet

Uptake provides fleets with AI-driven asset performance management solutions, enabling fleets to optimize maintenance costs, improve technician productivity, and increase asset availability. TMT Fleet Maintenance will soon integrate with Uptake Compass, which utilizes repair order data from TMT Fleet Maintenance to provide key performance indicators (KPIs) for optimizing fleet asset performance. The integration will soon allow customers to see the Uptake Compass dashboard directly within TMT Fleet Maintenance to interact with the KPIs and work with component survival curves.

TMT Fleet Maintenance will also integrate with Uptake Fleet, which provides predictive maintenance insights based on real-time signal and fault data from a truck’s electronic control unit (ECU). The integration between TMT Fleet Maintenance and Uptake Fleet will enable Uptake Insights to be shown as Work Pending within the customer workflow, empowering users to make data-driven decisions to shift from unplanned maintenance to planned maintenance.

Enhance Your Maintenance Process with Trimble

Looking for more information on how technology can help increase uptime and maximize the utilization of your assets? Contact us today to learn more about TMT Fleet Maintenance and how Trimble can help put you on the road to a better maintenance experience.