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Trimble Dawg Transportation Data Monitoring

Your Data Watch Dawg

Keep track of key data points inside your system with The Dawg. Then act on the customizable alerts you receive to move your business forward.

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Easy Data Monitoring For Future-Focused Companies

Monitor Your Entire Business

Keep track of all important company information within your database, from TMS and maintenance details to EDI connectivity.

Stay Ahead of Potential Problems

Receive alerts when operational problems like empty miles and low rate-per-mile figures occur so they can be remedied.

Speed Up Response Times

Quickly identify what's going wrong in your business via customized email alerts that can be sent to one user or many.

Minimize Driver Detention

Use the Dawg to learn when a driver's departure from a scheduled stop is overdue in order to shorten detention incidents.

Boost Company Profits

Track profitability data points such as high tire cost-per-mile figures so that you make changes to boost your bottom line.

Enhance Your Trimble TMS

Add the Dawg to any of the Trimble TMS products you already know and love including Innovative, TMW.Suite, TruckMate and TMT.

The Insights You Need to Drive Your Company Forward

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Turn Data Into Action With the Dawg

Use the Dawg to monitor your data, receive alerts when it exceeds your defined parameters and act strategically. Contact our team to learn more.