Supply Chain Visibility

360-Degree Supply Chain Visibility

At a glance, get the information you need to make decisions that will positively impact your bottom line and provide the ultimate customer experience.

Everything You Need in One Easy-to-Use Portal

At Trimble Visibility we believe the system should do the heavy lifting, allowing our partners to use their resources elsewhere. Once all of your data has been integrated into the Trimble Visibility platform, that’s when the true value becomes apparent. By collaborating with business partners and leaders in various industries, our platform’s features have been crafted to meet the needs of multiple segments and supply chain sizes.

Real-Time Insight into Your Supply Chain

Our core focus is to provide our partners with a clear way to see a snapshot of all their active shipments and their current status and location. Coupled with a large set of customizable preference, you always know where your shipments are. Robust filter and search capabilities allow you to create tailored views to identify exactly what’s moving on every order, at every stop, on every shipment across all modes of transportation, for each business unit, product, and brand – all the way down to the SKU level.

Multimodal Visibility

Our best-in-class data aggregation technology integrates and supports all of your shipment information across Ocean, Rail, Intermodal, Full Truckload, LTL and Final Mile. With Trimble Visibility you can also create custom views for internal, external and third-party users. Each view can be tailored for individual customers with configurable ETA windows, white labeling and pre-defined reefer temperatures. You can even set up real-time shipment notifications that will be sent directly to clients for proactive customer communications.

Predictive Analytics

Backed by a world-class team of data scientists, Riskpulse produces a suite of predictive analytics to benefit transportation planning and operations. Our exclusive integration with Riskpulse gives you visibility to potential service disruptions before you confirm the route. You provide the origin and destination, and Riskpulse analyzes the route to provide a score of 1-25 that measures the risk of delays. The system assesses shipment details, simulates the shipment journey, and intersects each mile with forecasted conditions that are known to cause over-the-road delays.

Timely Notifications

Our users often work in multiple systems and need to stay proactively informed about their supply chain even when they’re away from the Trimble Visibility portal. Through a robust set of notifications that can be set up through SMS or email, users can stay informed no matter where they are. Not only can these notifications be set up for internal stakeholders, they can also be used to keep your customers informed. Plus, we have integrations to most leading TMS, ERP, and WMS providers allowing us to pass data back into your system of record for times when you need it there. At Trimble Visibility, our goal is to keep you informed, no matter where you are.

Application Preferences

Seeing your shipment data in a single place has a value on its own, but how useful is it if it’s not formatted to your needs? We know one size doesn’t fit all, so at Trimble Visibility we put our partners in control.

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