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The 20:1 Solution - Calculating ROI of a Modern Asset Maintenance Software

ROI: Using a modern fleet maintenance solution can drive step-change improvements in shop efficiency, cost control and vehicle productivity.

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It’s clear. Businesses using a modern asset solution hold the keys to greater competitive advantage and, ultimately, success. This means from managing inventory through generating repair orders and from running key reports through overseeing warranties, everything is automated and executed with precision.

Today, company leadership is paying closer attention to the value and ROI generated by implementing a SaaS solution.

Explore the ways to identify the key elements and processes you need to run your shop like a well-oiled machine.

Key takeaways include:

  • Tying critical intelligence into your planning process
  • Driving step-change improvements in shop efficiency
  • Understanding how Software-as-a-Service is taking the market by storm
  • Collecting information to improve purchasing strategies
  • Eliminating time and hardship associated with warranty recapture.