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Bridge the Divide: Connecting Fleet Maintenance to the Enterprise

Uptime matters. Learn seven real-world strategies to move fleet maintenance off its own island to connect with your business enterprise. Benefits? More productivity, safety & driver satisfaction.

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Despite advancements in fleet maintenance and shop management, many Transportation companies limit the success of their maintenance shop and technology by using it in a siloed way, disconnected from the rest of the fleet. Modern advancements make it possible to do much more.

This guide explains seven real-world strategies, or bridges. Use them to move fleet maintenance off its own separate island to become fully connected with the business enterprise.

Crossing these bridges will enable companies to achieve higher levels of efficiency, productivity, safety, compliance and driver satisfaction, among other benefits.


Key takeaways:

  • Using real-time integrations and dashboards for operational visibility of maintenance needs, scheduling and status
  • Predicting repairs to prevent breakdowns
  • Gaining transparency and control of outsourced maintenance
  • Automating back-office functions and accounting for lifecycle costs
  • Leveraging maintenance data for driver retention