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Trimble's Transformative Driver Workflow Awarded Best in Show at FreightWaves' F3

At the most recent Future of Freight Festival (F3) hosted by FreightWaves, Trimble presented a rapid-fire demo of its newly enhanced back office and driver workflow, which combines several Trimble solutions via the Trimble Transportation Cloud to deliver a smooth, optimized experience. We had just seven minutes to break down the workflow’s features and advantages, and we’re thrilled to announce that we’ve received a “Best in Show” award, voted on by F3 attendees.

Before the demo, Kelly Williams, Trimble’s vice president of product for TMS, maintenance and optimization, said of the enhanced workflow, “We’re going to make sure, by demonstrating with our Trimble cloud, that we can show you driver excellence in a connected way.”

She then explained that this combination of solutions will equip the driver with the tools they need to operate safely, eliminate excess calls between drivers and operations teams, tailor workflows to deliver with excellence and better sync what happens on the road with the operations team.

Check out the complete demo below:

This new workflow connects Trimble Instinct and CoPilot on the the driver’s in-cab tablet to Trimble’s Transportation Management System (TMS) and Fleet Manager solutions in the back office via a task-based interface that can be customized to any team’s needs. As Adrian Harding, senior product manager of workflow solutions, explained, “Everything we’ve shown you here in this demo was generated by a drag and drop workflow building wizard on our industry cloud. You can use that to build the workflows that are appropriate for you, your customers and your drivers.”

From dispatch to delivery, this combination of solutions ensures a smooth transition of vital information about a driver’s activities and responsibilities, so when they embark, they are best equipped for their work. A driver can view route maps with real-time weather, along with detailed stop information enriched by Trimble Places’ highly accurate polygonal geofences, and then seamlessly navigate to destinations with CoPilot. Once a driver arrives at a facility, they are automatically prompted with additional directions and to complete required digital forms.

And we’ve empowered the back office with numerous tools that help better support operations and more easily walk the driver through the steps they need to deliver their freight. All along the way, trip information, progress and critical details are synced to the Trimble Transportation Cloud, so the back office team can monitor in real time.

“The driver is delighted, the customer has an excellent experience and the industry cloud is connected,” Williams concluded.

Contact our team to learn how you can take advantage of this newly enhanced workflow.