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The Easy Way to Manage Fleet Performance and Compliance

View Your Fleet’s Data in Context You Can Act On

Access a variety of data, including vehicle and driver performance data to monitor safety, manage compliance and track efficiency.

Customize Your Data by User

Both safety and operations managers can customize their dashboards in Fleet Manager to match their individual needs, all in one intuitive platform.

Built on a Secure Platform

Trust Trimble Fleet Manager's secure cloud platform to keep your data safe now, and help you scale operations in the future.

Offer Better Customer Service

Keep an eye on your fleet with up-to-the-minute details at all times so that you can provide better customer service.

Reporting & Analytics

Improve driver performance, ensure compliance, and improve fleet efficiency with on-demand and schedulable reports

A Secure and Scalable Platform

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Connect with a Sales Expert

Easily Monitor Fleet Performance With Trimble Fleet Manager

There's never been a better time to streamline back office operations. Talk to an expert to learn more about Trimble Fleet Manager.

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