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Trimble’s Dwell Time Metrics Receive Award for Supply Chain Innovation

Each year, Trimble’s transportation and logistics solutions play a vital role in helping all industries deliver the freight that fuels the world. We’ve made it our mission to streamline the complex supply chain on which we all depend, and this year we’re honored to be chosen by Food Logistics and Supply & Demand Chain Executive (SDCE) as a recipient of their 2023 Top Software & Tech Award in the “Supply Chain Visibility” category. 

We received this award for our recently launched, industry-first database of average dwell time metrics, powered by Trimble’s Connected Locations database of 4.7 million North American locations (millions of which feature highly accurate polygonal geofences) and a robust archive of vehicle position data. Accessible via Trimble Fleet Manager (or as a data integration), our dwell time metrics measure the average time commercial vehicles spend at a facility to provide clear visibility on how long a vehicle might be detained there.

With these dwell time metrics, carriers’ back office staff can make informed decisions about how they plan operations and manage driver activities. They can determine if a specific facility is a problem for everyone. And if so, look for new freight opportunities that don’t leave their drivers sitting for hours. This transparency also helps provide drivers with a clear view of conditions they might encounter and better plan their Hours of Service (HOS), as well as more accurate accounting of how their time should be billed. For a complete breakdown of the advantages of dwell time metrics, check out our recent article

“The most important thing we can do with dwell time metrics is highlight the total time spent [at a facility] and combine it with on-duty time of the driver, so we are giving a much more accurate picture… and ensure a faster turnaround,” said Rishi Mehra, vice president of product vision and experience, in a recent interview with FreightWaves about Trimble’s dwell time metrics. “We keep talking about how many driver shortages there are, how people are not driving enough, or utilizing their entire drive time during the day… If you’re able to fix that by giving insights into time spent at a facility, that’s a big plus and a big win.”

This award spotlights the top software and technology solutions in the supply chain space that are, according to Food Logistics, “designed to streamline, optimize and innovate the supply chain and logistics space, and do so by incorporating emerging technologies and a path to efficiency.” 

“We believe visibility and transparency are keys to a more efficient supply chain. Dwell time metrics are a vital piece of the puzzle that was missing for too long,” said Caroline Gsellmeyer, director of product marketing for Trimble. “But now, carriers can gain that visibility and transparency and make more informed decisions than ever before. We’re honored to serve the transportation and logistics needs of all industries, and we’re honored to receive this award.”

Want to see our dwell time metrics in action? Contact our team for a no pressure consultation and demo of how our solutions can empower your business.