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Trimble’s Rishi Mehra Talks Dwell Times on FreightWaves Podcast

The time a commercial driver spends at a facility loading and unloading their vehicle’s freight, known as “dwell time,” can have a ripple effect on that driver’s daily schedule and severely impact their subsequent deliveries. Every minute a driver is waiting at a facility to have their vehicle unloaded or loaded is another minute they could have been driving.

Dwell time is a challenge that consistently costs transportation companies valuable productivity, reputation and revenue, but there’s never been a concerted effort to illuminate the problem and find a solution. This challenge persists because there’s little transparency when it comes to the factors that impact dwell time: facility accessibility, facility scheduling and traffic, efficiency of facility staff, and more. These factors add up to delays and lost time. But using our Connected Locations capabilities, we’re seeking to shed some light on this subject.

Rishi Mehra, vice president of product vision and experience, sat down with John Kingston, editor-at-large with FreightWaves, to discuss the state of dwell times within the industry. He also explains how Trimble is helping companies gain greater visibility by creating the first database of average dwell time metrics, powered by our comprehensive collection of commercial locations. Watch their complete interview below.

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