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How Light and Medium-Duty Fleets Can Benefit from Implementing Video Intelligence

In early 2020, Trimble announced that it joined the Geotab Marketplace to offer its Video Intelligence™ solution to a broader set of fleets, including those with light- and medium-duty vehicles.

Video Intelligence provides fleets a neutral eyewitness perspective in and around their vehicles through a combination of forward, side and rear-facing cameras. Videos are triggered by company-controlled settings, including sudden acceleration or hard braking, to help fleets protect themselves in the event of an accident and increase safety across their driver base.

While it was originally launched for over-the-road, class 8 vehicles, Video Intelligence has evolved so that smaller vehicles and fleets can also benefit from the platform. For fleets like these that are looking to implement a video solution, Video Intelligence provides several distinct advantages, including:


Customizable platform:

The Video Intelligence solution has the flexibility to meet a fleet’s specific needs. This includes a range of camera configurations to ensure a vehicle has optimal coverage out on the road.

For class 8 trucks, this might mean forward, side and rear-facing cameras to capture all angles of the tractor and trailer ‒ but this robust coverage might not be needed for smaller types of vehicles. With Video Intelligence you can configure the platform to choose the camera(s) and digital video recorder (DVR) that best fit your goals in improving driver safety and reducing accident litigation exposure.

You can also configure the review process so you only consume the videos you want to see. This includes being able to trigger videos by specific event type or using our video on-demand service to just get the videos you need.


Simplified installations:

The difference in size between class 8 trucks and their light- and medium-duty counterparts isn’t limited to just the outside of the vehicle. The footprint of the cab is also smaller, which means there is less room to install cables and bulky pieces of equipment.

For lighter duty trucks, Video Intelligence can be implemented in a straightforward way, using our small footprint Two-channel DVR. This includes connections to auxiliary power outlets, including a vehicle’s cigarette lighter and through an OBD-II connection. The camera itself also takes up minimal space on a vehicle’s windshield, so that you can properly see the road without interfering with your driver’s view.


Streamlined but not stripped-down:

While the benefits of Video Intelligence are accessible to light- and medium-duty fleets, it is still designed with commercial transportation in mind. Unlike low grade, off-the-shelf consumer dash cams, our equipment is built to specification to handle the rigors of your business environment. Video Intelligence DVRs also harness 4G LTE connectivity to provide you with a reliable, far-reaching network that gives you a complete view of your vehicles, wherever the road might take them.

The strength of the Video Intelligence platform is not just about hardware; it is also backed by a robust dashboard that aggregates driver data from your entire fleet in one place and breaks that data down into easy-to-understand and usable information. Through the dashboard you can get videos on-demand to provide accident protection and identify coaching opportunities to potentially prevent them from happening in the first place.

In an increasingly litigious world, implementing video is a key way that fleets of all sizes are choosing to protect their drivers and bottom line. Discover how Video Intelligence can help you and your drivers operate safer and more efficiently than ever before.