• Four-Channel DVR
    For Heavy Duty Fleets

    Four-Channel DVR

    trimble dvr m1n

    Designed specifically for the commercial transportation industry, the Video Intelligence solution supports up to four cameras to provide a 360 degree view in and around the vehicle. Additionally, its Driver Assist feature streams live video in-cab when the right or left blinker comes on or if the vehicle is in reverse to help eliminate blind spots for drivers.

    Channel Input:

    4 channels AHD (1080p) + 1 channel IPC (1080p)

    Video Storage:

    2 SD card slots, supports 32 GB to 512 GB card size

    Modem type:

    4G LTE Cellular/Wi-Fi
    GPS Supported


    DC 8-36V
    System supports enough operating time after the loss of power to shut down and prevent file system corruption

    Operating Temperature:

    -40°C to 70°C

  • ADAS Forward Facing Camera
    For Heavy Duty Fleets

    Forward Facing Camera with Advanced Drivers Assistance

    ADAS 80-degree Camera

    Get a firsthand glimpse of your driver's experience on the road. Mounted directly on the windshield, the forward-facing camera gives you views of the road ahead and provides Advanced Driver Assistance System (ADAS) context to help drivers prevent incidents before they happen.


    Effective pixels 1920 (H) x 1080 (V)

    Frames per Second

    30 FPS

    Viewing Angle


    Image Compression


    Operating Temperature

    -20 °C to 70 °C

  • Rear Facing Camera
    For Heavy Duty Fleets

    Rear Facing Camera

    rear facing camera bullet

    Gain a more complete perspective in and around your vehicle. Mounting on the back of your tractor, this configurable camera can provide additional context into incidents and help identify potential driver coaching opportunities.


    Video Codec: MPEG4
    RF Bitrate: 4 Mbps
    TV System: Auto


    10V – 24V, supply; 12V for camera


    Waterproof Rating: IP69 K
    Operating Temperature: –20 °C – 70 °C
    Storage Temperature: –30 °C – 80 °C


    Line of Sight: 100 m

  • Wireless Backup Camera
    For Heavy Duty Fleets

    Wireless Backup Camera


    Have eyes in the back of your trailer with a wireless backup camera. Automatically pairing with tractors to stream live video in-cab, your drivers can get a view of the back of their trailer when in reverse. The camera also records when the Onboard Event Recording® (OER) feature is triggered, providing context into both collisions and near misses.

    Viewing Angle



    500 TV lines


    Waterproof Rating: IP69k
    Operating Temperature: –20 °C – 70 °C
    Storage Temperature: –40 °C – 80 °C

    Night Vision

    Distance: 8 – 10 m
    IR: Yes

  • Cabin Intelligent Monitor
    For Heavy Duty Fleets

    Cabin Intelligent Monitor

    cabin intelligent monitor camera

    Trimble's Cabin Intelligent Monitor (CIM) helps protect your drivers from fatigue and distraction while also identifying behaviors to recognize and reward. Armed with in-cab information, fleet managers and drivers can work together to improve overall safety.


    Cabin-facing with Artificial Intelligence


    Supports 720p and 1080p resolution


    IR distance of 2 meters

Heavy Duty Fleet

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